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A Guide to Our Emulous Media National SEO Services

Our essential SEO package offers your business up to 40 hours of dedicated effort from our experienced team of SEO Specialists, Content Creators, and Web Developers. They adhere to a proven methodology that consistently delivers results.

Every six months, we focus on optimizing at least 20 key pages on your website, targeting 20 specific keywords or 4 groups of keywords. By the end of the first six months, we aim to have developed at least 30 new pages or blog entries, all of which will be optimized in the subsequent months.

For businesses in highly competitive sectors, we offer advanced SEO packages. These include all the services of our base package, executed more frequently to yield quicker, more competitive outcomes.

Month 1 | Initialization Phase

  • 30-Minute Introduction Call: We start our SEO campaigns with a half-hour call to fully understand your project’s objectives and tailor our strategy for maximum ROI.
  • Website Audit: An in-depth analysis identifies and ranks issues affecting site performance and goal achievement. You’ll receive this audit as a customizable report under your brand.
  • Keyword Research: We identify high-traffic keywords within your industry to target, enhancing your visibility on Google. This research is shared with you for feedback and approval before implementation.
  • On-Page Optimization: Up to 18 hours are dedicated by our digital marketing team to address the most critical website issues, focusing on technical SEO and content quality.
  • Content Creation: Our content team produces or updates over five pages of SEO-optimized content, balancing user experience with your business objectives.
  • Meta Title & Description Optimization: We refine these elements on up to five pages monthly, improving your search engine click-through rates.
  • Schema Markup Implementation: For both national and local brands, we enhance content understanding for search engines with schema markup.


  • Monthly Reports: We provide transparent monthly reports detailing all actions taken, ensuring you see the value of your investment.

Month 2 & Beyond | Expansion and Outreach

  • Guaranteed Monthly Backlinks: Links from high-domain-authority blogs within your industry are secured, promising white-hat strategies and significant DA scores.
  • Ongoing Content Enhancement: Each month, we enrich key pages and blog posts to boost relevance and value, organically increasing traffic from your target audience.
  • Continuous On-Page Optimization: We keep optimizing new and existing content to ensure every piece contributes to improving your site’s ranking.
  • Biannual Press Releases: Every six months, we craft and distribute a press release to over 400 news outlets, enhancing your online presence and backlink profile.
  • Business Citations: We continuously create citations across various platforms to bolster your website’s credibility and authority in Google’s eyes.

Our comprehensive SEO services are designed to improve your online visibility and drive targeted traffic to your site, leveraging a blend of technical expertise, content excellence, and strategic outreach.

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