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Emulous Media Inc was founded by Aaron Scheetz in July of 2022. The company was formed by ASCHE Corp, an internet marketing and consulting corporation based in Lake Mary, Florida. The Emulous Media’s official launch date was January 1st 2023.

The idea behind Emulous, was to set a new type of marketing standard that meets the ongoing demands of today’s digital age. Aaron immediately set out to build this company quite differently. 

What makes Emulous Media different?

Emulous is run by Aaron Scheetz President) and David Simpson (Vice President), both being elite internet marketers for many years. Instead of directly competing with other marketing agencies they set out to find out who the best competitors were in different areas of the United States. Once found it was decided that it’s mutually beneficial to Team Up to provide the ultimate marketing service packages for all clients.

The people behind the curtains of Emulous Media, are they themselves direct owners of marketing companies with specific focuses. Whether it be Website Design, SEO, Social Media, Digital Ads, Data Analytics, Email Marketing Etc,  When you work with Emulous you’re working with the best of the best.

Behind the Curtains

Meet the President and Vice President of Emulous Media Inc. 

Aaron Scheetz President Emulous Media

Aaron Scheetz


Aaron Scheetz started his digital marketing career in 2004 soon after building his first desktop pc and jumping into online gaming. He lead various gaming clans and learned quickly that if you’re trying to build an online community, you need to have a website. He attended website design classes in high school, vocational-technical school, and won state-level website design competitions in both Indiana and Pennsylvania. He pursued a Bachelor’s degree at the Pennsylvania College of Technology in Williamsport, PA.

Fast forward a few years and he dived deep into Mobile App design. He created a mobile app and business called Wrench Professionals. The app was similar to YELP and helped people find reputable automotive repair companies. Aaron soon learned that just because you build something, doesn’t mean you’ll actually get users. He struggled to push the app out to the masses and ended up losing to a competitor who secured Silicon Valley backing. It was at this time that he decided to switch gears to marketing.

In 2016 Aaron started investing his time and money into business and marketing. He joined a bunch of online masterminds where he learned how to manipulate search engines into showing his clients on the first page of Google. He was heavily involved with Lead Generation tactics and later met his business partner David Simpson in a top-level SEO Mastermind Group.

Aaron has many interests including Camping, Hiking, Guns, Cars, and Traveling, but enjoys working on his company most of all.

David Simpson Vice President Emulous Media

David Simpson

Vice President

David Simpson started his digital marketing business in 2007 after he purchased an eCommerce website from an online broker. After performing his due diligence, he soon realized the seller defrauded him by not giving him the Google AdWords campaign – essentially the keys to the car. Instead of writing it off as a loss and learning experience, he got to work learning everything he could about Pay-Per-Click and SEO to make it a success, soon profiting over $3000.00 per month – for a $19.97 eBook!
With his newfound skills, he turned his attention to affiliate marketing and ranked dozens of websites in the top positions in Google, with some keywords ranking #1 out of 325 MILLION results.

After proving that he could consistently outrank any competition, he started helping local and international businesses outrank their competition. His local business clientele range from dentists to window washers, and he consistently ranks his clients #1 in both Google Maps and organic search. An international client went from a brand new website to ranking #1 for dozens of keywords – many of them shown as Featured Snippets at the top of Google beating out government and aged authority sites.

David has invested over $50,000.00 in continuing education and has been a member of a private mastermind of the top SEOs in the world since 2013. When David is not busy making his clients famous online, he enjoys spending time with his parents, kids, and grandkids and playing guitar at his church.

David and Aaron met each other through an elite internet marketing mastermind group and decided to join forces to bring both of their unique experiences together to better serve their clients. They are both part of the top 1% digital marketers in the United States. Together they work with many other internet marketers based in the United States to provide their clients with the best services possible.


Why Choose Emulous Media


Emulous Media Inc. Is a team of internet marketers each with their own core set of skills. We teamed up to build a company that has the best services available at the best prices. We have one goal which is to provide the best internet marketing experience and results for our clients.

We’re a Florida local business, that provides exceptional care and employs the best marketing talent so that you can focus on running your company while we do the heavy lifting to get you customers.

We do not work with everyone and we will not take your money if we cannot help you grow. Schedule a customary consultation with us and let’s figure out how we can help you grow and get the return on investment that most people only dream about.


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