If You Own A Local Service Area Business

We will help you destroy your competition and dominate your local service market with our 100 day massive marketing deal.

2 Stage Google Business Profile Optimization

  • We will completely your Google Maps Listing and unlock your business’s potential to bring in highly qualified prospects that are actively searching for your services because they need your services… Not tire-kickers who are responding to a social media post or saw a discounted offer.
  • This a 100 day two-stage action plan.
  • WHY IS THIS IMPORTANT? Your Google Maps listing is your primary client facing sales tool. This is where clients find you when doing Local searches. Businesses that rank in the top three positions on the maps get 90% of all the business. You’ll get the bulk amount of customer phone calls from this and if you have a storefront, your foot traffic comes from the maps.
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$ 0

Website Optimization

  • We will optimize your current website to meet Google’s standards for relevance.
  • If you don’t already have a website, we will build one free of charge, then optimize it for search engines.
  • Your website is such a powerful tool, we cannot complete our services without one.
  • WHY IS THIS IMPORTANT? Your website helps Google understand and trust your business profile. It’s also 2024 now, if you don’t have a website you’re already losing trust from Google and your potential customers. When your website is optimized and mirrors the content of your Google Business Profile, you’ll pick up much more customers.
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$ 0

Voice Search Registration

  • We will register your business on Apple Siri, Amazon Alexa, Samsung Bixby, Microsoft Cortana, and Google Assistant.
  • 46% of voice searchers look for local businesses daily
  • 85% of consumers that use voice search, use the recommendations made by their device
  • 58% of voice searchers actually choose the first business recommended by Siri, Alexa, Bixby, Cortana, and Google Assistant
  • WHY IS THIS IMPORTANT?  Voice search is not going away, and currently its one of the fastest ways to pick up new customers.
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$ 0

Voice Search Optimization

  • We will optimize your website for specific search queries to draw higher intent on buying customers for the services you offer on Siri, Alexa, Bixby, Cortana, and Google Assistant.
  • WHY IS THIS IMPORTANT?  We take voice search services to another level. We physically go into your website and create voice searchable content that will push potential customers to you. This is beyond what other companies offer and if your competitors are already on voice search, this will propel you past them.
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$ 0

Genuine Profile Interaction

  • We will use our own private network of real individuals in your area to interact and engage with your business profile to make Google think you’re more relevant than your competition
  • This service is normally an extra feature for businesses that need more engagement with their brand.
  • WHY IS THIS IMPORTANT? Other companies use computer software to present Google with false clicks and actions in your profiles. While this has worked great over the last few years, we’ve found Google is already catching on and finding these software programs.
  • This services works two ways: It makes your business score more relevant in Google’s eyes, AND it decreases your competition’s score
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$ 0

1 Hour Strategy Consultation

  • We will personally help you build your own marketing strategy 
  • We will dissect your website and give you action points on what needs to be fixed
  • We will go over your current local marketing.
  • We will discuss your brand awareness and outlets to find more customers
  • WHY IS THIS IMPORTANT? Communication is huge for us, we want to help you in every way possible. Bring a pen and notebook, you will find thousands of dollars in value, guaranteed.
  • Companies also request us to come directly to their place of business to teach their in-house marketing team our strategies for $5000 a day.
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$ 0

Citation Cleanup

  • We will make sure your business details (Name Address Phone & Business Hours) are correct across hundreds of websites. This builds a high amount of trust with Google when they see other websites all stating the same information.
  • WHY IS THIS IMPORTANT? In order to get your business shown on Google, they need to trust you! Google does not trust any single website or business profile. However, when several websites all share the same information about your business, that’s when Google will trust you.
  • We need to locate and repair every listing we can find and make sure your business information is correct.
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$ 0

Competitor Interference locking

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$ 0
  • We will use our own software to LOCK your business citation information across the internet in order to prevent your competitors from altering your info or create fake profiles. (this happens much more than you know)
  • WHY IS THIS IMPORTANT? We have seen this time and time again. When a client starts to move up the search results, it pushes their competitors down. Your competitors will do anything that they can to take your business down.
  • This prevents your competitors from quick and easy tricks to take you down.

Our Highest Kept Secret to Extremely Powerful Local Business Growth

  • This secret is responsible for our own business generating over 6 figures worth of sales and is the fastest possible way to get Google itself to force new customers to your business. 
  • (Secret will only be shared via encrypted phone call or in person)
  • WHY IS THIS IMPORTANT? This hands down, is the most powerful way to boost your customer base. It has a 100% success rate on businesses that have optimized websites and business profiles.
  • We wont discuss this until week 3 of your 100 day marketing package.
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$ 0

Our Secret Traffic Booster package

  • We will use our own trade secret to provide a much needed boost to your Google Maps Listing.
  • WHY IS THIS IMPORTANT?  This is an internal service that we offer that will spike Google’s interest. It’s the first thing we do when a new client comes to us stating their marketing is “stuck”.
  • Consider this the almighty WD-40 formula that helps push a business with RUSTY marketing and hard to move parts.
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$ 0

AI Blog post creation checklist and strategy prompt

  • We will give you our perfected Blog post creation checklist and an AI chat prompt to effortlessly create unique content for your customers to consume.
  • WHY IS THIS IMPORTANT?  Your website needs to reflect what’s going on inside your business. You need to have regular posts that are linked through your social media and your Google Business Profile.
  • This strategy makes it really simple to generate content for your posts based on just a few questions you can answer about each job you go on.
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$ 0

Our unique client strategy for obtaining more 5 star reviews

  • We will give you our perfected Blog post creation checklist and an AI chat prompt to effortlessly create unique content for your customers to consume.
  • WHY IS THIS IMPORTANT? This strategy helps you obtain frequent reviews. We give you the best converting phrase to get someone into their phone and onto your profile.
  • Google values reviews over any other factor when it come to getting your business to the top of search results where your customers are waiting.
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$ 0

Add it all up

  • $2997: Our 2 Stage 100 day Google Business Profile Optimization
  • $2997: Genuine Profile Interaction with real people
  • $2499: Voice Search Optimization for all 5 Voice Search Platforms
  • $799: Voice Search Registration on Siri, Alexa, Bixby, Cortana, and Google Assistant
  • $2997: New or Current Website Optimization for Search Engines
  • $2997 BONUS: Our Secret to Insanely Powerful Maps Growth
  • $997 BONUS: Citation and Directory Cleanup
  • $997 BONUS: Our Secret Traffic Booster Package
  • $749 BONUS: Full Hour Long Marketing Consultation
  • $499 BONUS: Our Client Strategy for Obtaining more 5 star reviews.
  • $599 BONUS: Competitor Interference Locking
  • $199 BONUS: AI Blog Post Creation and Checklist
Total Value
$ 0



What could you expect to see after 100 Days of marketing with us??

Here we tested our own services against over 100 other marketing agencies in the area.

Our January 2024 Market Share for "Local SEO Services"

In January we had only 1% of the Lake Mary Florida Market share and our Google Maps and Website were buried under 100 other marketing agencies when someone searched “Local SEO Services.” We knew this was the perfect keyword to test our newest strategy on.

Our June 2024 Market Share for "Local SEO Services"

Months later, after implementing more strategies and tests, we catapulted to first place. We now own 100% of the Lake Mary Florida Market share. We’ve defeated over 100 local marketing agencies, and now have double the market share of our next highest competitor.


For 100 Days of Marketing
$ 19326

This is our best local marketing deal in history for less than $50 per day or $6.18 per hour.
That's less then half the cost of a minimum wage employee.

Behind the Curtains

The Emulous Media Local Marketing Team

Aaron Scheetz
President & Founder

David Simpson
Vice President

Valentina Scheetz
Project Manager

Paul Scheetz
Account Manager

Jewel Obelidhon
Media Manager

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Based on 16 reviews
All I can say is WOW what a breath of fresh air! These people are so down to earth! I have been pitched SEO services for years, and Aaron was the only person able to actually explain how it works and what the differences are between local seo, national seo, and what is currently working. His services work!
Sela Star
Sela Star
I was looking for a local seo company and I'm glad I had the chance to speak with Aaron! He showed me quite a few easy to use ways to improve my Google maps ranking. If you're looking for a local seo services company and you're on the fence, give Aaron at Emulous Media a call.
Bob Baum
Bob Baum
This company is very professional I will recommend %100
Luis Gustavo Ortiz Rodriguez
Luis Gustavo Ortiz Rodriguez
Aaron and the Emulous team do an amazing job at lead generation and producing quality leads for clients. Highly recommend if you can take on more work!
Prime Digital SEO
Prime Digital SEO
Looking for options to optimize my website,I found this company and can say that the packages offered by Emulous Media for web design are customized and comprehensive, making it a practical choice to benefit from this service. It's also possible to schedule a call for professional advice to make the best decision for my business.
Lizzy C
Lizzy C
Awesome team to work with! So easy to do business with, they have your back since day one! Highly recommended!
Norma Cruz
Norma Cruz
Putting together a website is a task, finding the right individual or company is even more complex. I did my search around looking for this particular company that has the ability to create, design and optimized my web site. Thankfully I met Aaron at Emulous Media Inc. Not only does Emulous Media have great taste in design but they can guide you through the process and beyond. I highly recommend. 👍
Brandon Feinberg
Brandon Feinberg

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