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Digital analytics companies understand that the data is worth more than the customers we provide our clients. The data that we gather ultimately decides the directions and turns we take on how to proceed with your campaigns. 

Using digital analytics we’re able to measure how your customer acquisition process starts, stops, pauses, fails, and finishes. We’re able to track phone calls, clicks, impressions, sessions, and various interactions throughout the buying process. We can also learn more about your customer avatar and how to track and target future customers using the data we’ve learned.

In some cases, our client’s focus is on the incorrect customer avatar. For example, they think their target audience is male. However, while they do get a significant amount of male visitors to their media, the data will show that females are actually the ones making the buying decision.

Why? Let’s just say that for this particular customer, it’s almost every time the wife choosing to purchase for her husband as a gift. Without the proper understanding of the data, our customer was focused on advertising to the wrong gender altogether.

Do you truly know who your ideal customer is and are you targeting them correctly? Only data will tell.

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Google Search Console

GSC tells us the technical details of your website and whether there are manual actions against your website's ability to rank.

Google Analytics 4

GA4 is replacing Universal Analytics and shows us unique information about your visitors, sessions, and other website related data.

Semrush Analytics

Semrush is one of the most advanced search engine marketing tools and it's designed to show us your competition.

Ahrefs Analytics

Ahref's is another third party tool that shows us detailed information about your website's Authority through backlinks.

Social Media Analytics

We use a variety of tools to show us how your social media content and ads are performing.

Digital analytics is a full time job that we provide free of charge within any of our core service packages that we have to offer. We offer it this way because we cannot simply do our jobs to the fullest without the data to show us every step of the way. 

We offer one-time analytics on this page for clients that are interesting in our services but are not ready to commit to any type of contract.

Schedule a call with us should you need our data analysis experts to help you with a project. 

“You cannot hope to improve something that you cannot measure accurately. How else do you know if it’s working or not?” – Aaron Scheetz.

 Our SEO Analysis Google Ads Analysis Social Media Analysis

Each of these “One-Time” services comes with a full consultation on the changes that need to be made along with an accurate diagnosis of where your accounts are both strong and weak.

We will need 6 weeks of prerecorded data. If you cannot provide this data to us we can set it up and let it compile for 6 weeks. We will need direct access to any accounts you want analyzed.

SEO Digital Analysis

Website & Search Engine Optimization Data
$ 3599
  • Google Search Console Data
  • Google Analytics Data
  • Semrush Data
  • Ahrefs Data
  • Keyword Research

Ads Digital Analysis

Digital Advertisement Data
$ 3499
  • Google Analytics Data
  • Google Ads Data
  • Ads Campaign Analysis
  • Ad Set Analysis
  • Negative Keyword Research
  • Ads Policy Interpretation
  • Asset Groups
  • Bid Strategies

Social Media Analysis

Social Media Content Data
$ 3999
  • GMB Account & Content Data
  • Facebook Account &Content Data
  • Twitter Account & Content Data
  • LinkedIn Account & Content Data
  • Pinterest Account & Content Data
  • Instagram Account & Content Data
  • Next Door Account & Content Data
  • Youtube Account & Content Data
  • TikTok Account & Content Data
  • Alignable Account & Content Data